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Blogs – Still Relevant?

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You may be sat here wondering if your website should have a blog attached to it. Blog posts are a good way of not only keeping your customers or followers informed but a critical way of letting Google know your website is being updated.

Why should you care about Google? Well, Google and other search engines drive customers to your website. If your website is out of date, not maintained and generally poorly written then it will not want to send its customers to you. If your website is selling Red Football Boots and you have up to date, relevant and well written content about Red Football Boots then Google is more likely to display your website at the top of its search results for ‘Red Football Boots’.

First and foremost though your blog should be about keeping your visitors informed and this is where you can get creative. You could entitle it ‘News’ rather than ‘Blog’. The platform we develop your websites with gives you great flexibility with posting content to your webste. You can change the title, add or remove categories and more!

If you’re not familiar with how it all works we include a comprehensive yet easy to understand guide to help you.

It’s up to you whether you want a blog on your website. We’re able to develop your website without a blog if you wish and if you change your mind later on it’s very simple to enable one. Get in touch today to find out more.

Responsive Design

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You may have noticed that a lot of the websites we have created are what the industry terms as ‘responsive’.

It used to be that users would browse websites on their desktop computers but with the explosion of tablets and smartphones came a challenge for web designers. With more and more users browsing the Internet using mobile devices it is essential websites are displayed correctly on smaller screens.

Responsive design means the layout automatically adjusts to the screen size. We create websites that are responsive and maintain all the features as when viewing it on a desktop computer.

Google Places

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Google Places for Business allows business owners to add their contact details, opening hours and location to Google’s directory.

Google displays this information in a range of places. They show it on their search pages, on Google+, on their maps and allow customers to write reviews like TripAdvisor.

Our packages are all inclusive, we don’t just simply create a basic website. We create your presence on the web.

If you run a business we can setup and optimise your Places for Business profile and link this to your website. This has a number benefits for you but the main one is that it becomes easier for potential customers to find you and your website.

Personalised Guide

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When considering who is going to develop your new website the design isn’t the only thing for you to consider, just as important is usability. This is vitally important not just for your users but also yourself. What use is a website if you can’t do anything with it?

With every package order we create a personalised guide for you complete with screenshots and in depth explanations so that you can update your website if you want to. Topics covered include updating blog posts, news posts, categories and editing pages.

We don’t just create your website and then leave you to it. We’re here to help on a one to one basis of you’re ever unsure about anything.

Domain Names

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What is a domain name?

It’s your website address, your identity on the Internet.

Our packages include everything you need for a website, including the domain name. We will register it for you and change all the necessary settings to get your website up and running.

As part of our packages you can have either a .com or domain name. These are the most popular and memorable domains. However, if you want something different we can still provide you with a domain name but there may be an additional charge due to the extra costs involved. Contact us for details.

Already have your own domain name?

No problem. If you already have your own domain name just let us know and we’ll send you the necessary settings for you to change. Or, if you’re not sure what to do we can do it for you.

Google Analytics

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Our web design packages include an option for us to install Google Analytics to your website for free. If you’re not already aware of what Google Analytics is, it allows you to see a lot of information about your website visitors.

For some people this will just be information overload and not necessary. However, for others with time to invest in learning how to use it correctly it will be a crucial tool in enhancing the impact of your website.

Google Analytics is very established and there’s a lot of resources on the web explaining how to get the most out of it. YouTube has a number of tutorial videos for you to view.

Facebook integration

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Social media integration is one way of promoting your new website and interacting with customers or fans.

Our customers often have an existing Facebook page which they wish to integrate with their website. We can help grow your following on Facebook using a variety of methods.

We can add links to your Facebook page on the side of your website and show your visitors who has liked your page. In addition to this we can add Facebook like buttons to individual pages or blog posts.

If you want to prompt visitors to like your page we can also add a ‘pop-up prompt’ asking visitors to like your page. Finally, we can add pages or content only visible to visitors who have liked your page.

The above methods can be used separately or in conjunction with each other to help you utilise Facebook and your website to its full potential. We will discuss these options as part of your website package.

BT Web Design are committed to creating you or your business a website that is not only functional but provides you with real benefits. Get in contact today to find out more.